F&Q - DnR Carpet & Flooring


What is the difference between square foot and square yard pricing?
That’s easy! Just multiply by 9.
Carpet is sold by the square yard from the manufacturer. You can not buy one square foot of carpeting because it is made in 12 ft+ lengths. Advertising that a carpet costs $3.99 a square foot certainly sounds better than $35.91 a square yard ($3.99 X 9), but it’s misleading. When shopping for flooring, always look at the entire “all-in” price.

My room is 10′ X 10′; why do I need 120 square feet (13 1/3 yards) of carpeting?
This is a common assumption; A 10′ X 10 ‘room needs 100 square feet of carpet. False! That is the actual square footage of the room; however, the carpet is made in 12 ft+ lengths so you would need a 12′ X 10’ piece of carpet for a proper installation.

Do I have to move all my stuff before installation?
We will move basic furniture (couch, bed, etc.) at no additional charge. The customer is responsible for removing all personal items from the area, unplugging electronics, and moving smaller items before installation. See the back of your invoice for more preparation information.

What’s the difference in wear layers in a waterproof vinyl plank floor?
A wear layer is a clear coating that is applied to the product. It provides the sheen and protection of the wood/stone-like image of the floor. Obviously, the higher the wear layer, the more protection. Residential homes with moderate foot traffic or homes with pets should use a product with a 12-20ml wear layer. The more the wear layer between the topcoat and the decorative layer, the longer your floor is expected to last.

Isn’t all carpet the same, just different colors?
Absolutely not! Carpet is made with different fibers such as nylon, polyester, and polypropylene, to name a few. Carpeting is also made in various thicknesses, requiring more yarn and at different twist ratios, enabling better wear performance. Although two carpets may look the same, their overall expected performance may differ.

How do I care for my new flooring?
Each manufacturer has its guidelines for cleaning its products. It is the customer’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the manufacturer’s recommendations. We will certainly assist you with our knowledge and experience with proper maintenance upon request.

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